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Back after 17 years, and now ?

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I was a huge fan of Freespace a very long time ago (over 15 years). I found back my retail box of Freespace collection of 6 CDs (Freespace 1 & 2) and I would like to play it again. I installed FS2 but it does not launch (Not Enough RAM - FreeSpace has detected that you only have 0MB of free memory.  FreeSpace requires at least 32 MB of memory to run ).
I obviously have a recent PC with 24 GB of RAM and a good graphics card (Windows 7).
I'm confused about what to install: OpenAL? MediaVPs 4.4.x? In which order ?
Could you help me get it right? Preferably in French if it is possible, but I can understand English if no French version exists.
Thank you very much for your help. Every advice is welcome.

First, find the link below for knossos, which is our combined mod installer and package manager.  It will get you the latest FSO build, which should fix that silly bug you're running into.  You'll just have to point it at your retail installation.

Welcome! And feel free to join the Discord server too, that commonly results in more rapid-fire help with getting setup.

Thanks Cyborg17. I will do install knossos. But what about MediaVPs 4.4.x  ? Is it useful ?

It's a set of visual upgrades.  There are other campaigns and even standalone games on knossos, and a lot of them end up using the MediaVPs.  If all you want to do is play classic FS2 as few changes as possible, then you don't want it.  If you want an improved graphical experience, you do want it.


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