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Questions about chargeable fighter weapons and attachable drone (R-Type mod)


So I've been thinking about making a FS2 Open mod set in the R-Type universe. Freespace 2 has been made into a shmup, so why not turn a shmup into a Freespace 2 mod. Lines up nicely enough. Space Corps/EAAF=GT(V)A, Bydo=Shivans. Even got a couple of rebel groups in both good and evil flavours and a (so far underdeveloped and unseen) race of aliens with powerful sand-coloured spacecraft. There was even a Playstation Home (if anyone remembers that service) where you could fly an R-9A Arrowhead around in a 3D space and blast enemies. That last one is probably the biggest reason behind this idea.
Of course, one, or rather two major problems with trying to adapt R-Type into FS2O is implementing the Wave Cannon and Force Device. Of course, I could probably just dance around that for now by focusing on a unit/wing that is either using none R-Type fighters or ones that don't have the technology equipped.
I imagine the Wave Cannon could be replicated by giving the fighter a beam weapon and fiddling around with the values and particle effect. Force is much more difficult, but maybe that could use something similar to the docking points on the large ships.
If anyone has any ideas on how to make these mechanics work or are interested in an R-Type themed mod, feel free to reply.
To be honest, I'm probably not skilled enough to make it just yet, but you never know. Any help would be appreciated.


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