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Scourge of Ages:

--- Quote from: Turnsky on November 12, 2021, 05:29:33 pm ---Amazed this place is still around, and active, no less.

Me? lost a colon, a gallbladder, got a replacement liver, aaaaaand working on a new kidney.

how's everybody else?

--- End quote ---

Hello! Still got most of my organs; lost the ol' appendix many years ago!

I'm alive and intact, but my brain is running on a bunch of Methylphenidate and SSRIs

(also known as "Ritalin", the famous ADHD-side-effect-supressor, and anti-depressants)

If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up losing half your organs and does it suck as much as it sounds?

Started with Ulcerative colitis in '08, was taken in 14' and a another disease that came with it slowly took my liver out, basically. gallbladder removal in '20 sorta became its death knell and my kidneys went to hell post liver transplant.

and i had to be in a hospital in the middle of a second wave covid outbreak. just for extra tension. :B

Damn, sorry to hear all of that. Good to see you back though; I remember you being around in the Ancient Times.

...and then nuke came back and bumped the thread, for the lulz. did somone say something about a van? i pity da fool....


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