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I noticed that the mod.ini page is vastly out of date. Not only does it lack all the fields that were introduced in wxLauncher, it also has a few fields that even the Windows launcher dropped sometime before its last release (namely, "mantis" and "flags").

To remedy this, I'm thinking of porting over the mod.ini documentation from wxLauncher's old Google Code site and replacing what's currently on the wiki. I would first copy the documentation over to a new wiki page (such as "Mod.ini (new)"), and once that's done, I would replace the current mod.ini page with this one. (And yes, the documentation on Google Code is a few years old, but as far as I can tell from the current source code, it's still up to date.)

How does that sound?

Sounds good to me, my only question is, why not just replace the current data in the current page? The wiki's versioning system will keep the old data around if anyone wants to see it.

Agreed. If anything, the current page should be moved to "mod.ini (old)".

OK, so I'll rename the current mod.ini page to "mod.ini (old)" and make a new one it its place. The new page will have a link to the old one.


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