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So maybe I'm retarded...

Do I need anything to create new articles? Some special permission? I've seen this and I want to take care about some new pages, but I cannot find damn "Create New Article" button.

I want to wiki a lot of released and forgotten models. Not only the ones that I created for Exile, but there are much more. If nobody wants to take care of them, I will :P

Black Wolf:
You just go to the page you want to create, for example by typing it into the URL bar or clicking a red link.

Pretty straightforward from there. :)

So I guess I'm retarded :P

Sooo I don't want to make more trash topics here. What about new templates? I'm dreaming about template for Exile ships, but I guess it's not that straight :P

Black Wolf:
It actually is. Check out BP's Article template, for an example.

Then, when you want to apply it, you use the name of the template (Minus the "Template:" part) in your article, in doubly curly braces.

So, you'd create, for example, the page "Template:ExileShip", then use {{ExileShip}} at the top of the page you want to use it in. Just remember not to go too crazy with it. If you released a ship yourself, for Exile, or it's exclusive to Exile, then yeah. If you're using someone elses ship or a [V] ship, then no.

Copy that :P. I'm not gonna be cocky with this. I just want to mark what's mine, plus there are a lot of Exile related material that is gonna be wikified.

Along with articles for ships from other mods I guess, and non-mod released content. Thanks for your help.


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