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RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Ladies and Gentlemen! To celebrate Chistmas, New Year's, Sathanas Claus and Lucifer the red-nosed destroyer, we hereby present the Vasuda background pack for Scroll. The nebula was created by ShadowWolf_IH; Vasuda Prime by yours truly.


- Skyboxes for Vasuda without planet, as well as for a full and a crescent view of Vasuda Prime
- Regular planet bitmaps for Vasuda Prime in 3/4 (x2), 1/2 and crescent phases

DOWNLOAD (MediaFire, 34MB)

For those interested, here's the blendfile and texture .xcf's used for the planet renders: SOURCE MATERIAL (MediaFire, 50MB)

EDIT: By special request from the Vasudan Imperium, there is now also a pack with imagery from after the Lucifer did its work: DOWNLOAD (MediaFire, 10MB). For pictures, see below underneath the break! Includes one full-moon skybox and regular bitmaps for crescent, half, 3/4 and almost-full phases.

EDIT: And here's Vasuda Prime rendered uninhabitable, aka the second pack:

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Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Incredible!! :headz: Vasudan Imperium will absolutely be making use of these in its training missions, and beyond...
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Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Awesome :D! I almost forgot that you are one of the best background artists of HLP. Great work!
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Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
By special request from the Vasudan Imperium, I've created a second pack with imagery from Vasuda Prime after the Lucifer did its work. Pictures and download link have been added to the original post :)

Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Looks beautiful :)
Link to second pack is broken.

Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Oops :nervous: Should be fixed now


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Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Of Shivans and Men will use it as well, thanks for this release...
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Re: RELEASE: Vasuda background pack
Woah, how did I miss this? This will almost certainly be used for a certain cutscene I sporadically work on... :)
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