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Things that you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

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Sorry about the redundant title. :P

Anywho, ask away!

"Redundant title"?


What's this mod about? Yes, I know nothing about.

Hrmm... That reminds me. I should set up a FAQ...

Very basically, it follows the 158th banshee squadron throughout its history, from parts consisting of a war between the Earth Alliance and the Colonial Coalition to parts decades past FS2. Act I Is set during FS1, Act II during FS2, and frankly that's all I'm positive of right now, because it looks like the previous team wasn't either.

in the released mission, i feel like some should have skyboxes, but all that shows up is black space (aka no stars).  am I doing something wrong.  using only exposition files and updated tables

Which mission? There were about 19 or something like that released, 12 Exposition missions. I've actually only had the chance to read the briefings of the Exposition missions in notepad.


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