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Finished an uncompleted set of base buildings for house Kurita, in more of the classic MC2 sytle recycling edited MC2 textures


MCO has a few base sets, not sure how far I will progress this one, its based upon the MCG set and if I do complete it, I hope it would provide a third generic option to go with the current "black metal, ghost bear" one and the MCO one

Chocolate Wolf:
Looking great guys! I guess the date is still blurred on this huh?

Hi Chocolate Wolf,

I am working on it slowly.
There were some changes made between MCG and MC2 that dramatically changed the game play, we are working on getting the correct solution, delivering the classic MCG experience with the MCO improvements while not changing the fundamentals of MCO so that all the other campaigns play true as well.

Other minors issues are always a work in progress... personal preference for a particular visual style means making more models etc.

The take home message is that it is being worked on.

Hey Karl, is this project still going? you've done a great work , I can recognize every landmark and terrain feature from the original MC1 in those pics..


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