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So you've seen the screenshots and want to join the team? Wondering if the team can use your vast talents in order to get the game out faster? Well although we're a fairly big team for an indie game, we're wondering too. There are likely to be some very talented people wondering by to take a look at this thread so here's what we need.

Urgent / Highly Important

C / C++ Programmers with experience at writing netcode - The FS2_Open Engine is really in need of some TLC when it comes to the netcode. Although quite a bit of work has been done on creating the game tracker (FS2NetD) and improving some of the basic underlying code, it is a sad fact that in the 9 years since the source code release the SCP team responsible for updating the engine has never managed to attract anyone who has wanted to improve the client/server code. Although we often get bug fixes and there have been improvements there has been little work on updating the code so that it matches that of modern multiplayer games in a similar way to the work on the graphics. For this reason we really need someone who has interests in that field. We're not expecting someone who can immediately rewrite the netcode but having anyone with an interest in writing netcode would be a huge improvement on our current situation.

3D animators - For creating rendered cutscenes for the game. Examples of previous work will be required and must demonstrate the ability to render space scenes similar in quality to the show.


There are many fields where we simply can't ever have enough people. More staff members doing these jobs simply mean we'll release faster.

C and C++ Programmers - We are always on the look out for competent C and C++ coders. We are especially in need of coders with experience in OpenGL, AI or physics engines but we should be able to find something to do for any coder. We also require Mac, Linux and BSD coders since we don't want to treat those platforms as "also rans" next to Windows. The amount of support we can give those two is dependant on how many people we can get to help us fix bugs specific to those platforms though. At time of writing the SCP currently has coders capable of programming in all the fields I've mentioned. But more is better.
 Since our code is Open Source you can check it out before applying if you wish. You can find the info on how to get started here.

Modellers - We could use more people to help us make ships. We've got quite a big fleet to fill out and we'll need some talented modellers in order to be able to do it. One of Diaspora's stand out features is that we are seriously trying to make a game with as top-of-the-line graphics as the engine will allow. For that reason (and without trying to sound arrogant about it) we're only taking people who are really good at modelling, UV mapping and texturing. If you're just starting out, get some more experience and then apply, we've tried taking newbies before and it's mostly just cost us time while producing nothing we could actually use.
 Since we need to be able to judge the quality of your modelling, examples of prior work are an absolute must for anyone applying to join us. Preferably including low to medium poly game models.

Can't texture or uvw map, but know your way around a 3d app? While we're not taking on people who can't uvw map and texture to build us ships, it's possible you could still help us by learning to convert ships from a 3D app to the .pof format. Knowing your way around the most common 3D apps at least on a basic level is a plus here, and you don't really need to know anything about texturing for it. But make no mistake, converting is a useful skill and you could help us a lot by learning to convert and joining up. Of course, if you already know how to convert and want to help, you need only apply. If you don't, here's a few links you might find helpful:

FSF's ship-building tutorial - if you don't use Blender, skip those parts because it covers PCS2 and converting to POF later in the tutorial.

The FreesSpace Tools Project board - you should be able to find all the tools you'll need here, as well as people with helpful advice.

Skills We Could Use

There are several positions where the team feel we could use extra staff but can manage with what we already possess.

Mission Designers - The team currently has all the FREDders we need in order to produce R2. However we still have positions for mission designers available. We expect a very high level of ability with FRED from anyone we hire. Examples of previous work using released FS2_Open mods, TCs or games are required.

How to apply

Post on this thread what you can do for us along with examples that prove it. Do not PM me! (I swear that warning gets larger with every post and yet someone still misses it! :p). Applications are vetted by the team so PMing me or some other team member will only slow down your application. A PM is acceptable only if for some reason you can not post openly.

Applicants will be given a trial period prior to getting full access to the game. This is to prevent time wasters and those who are only trying to get access (Most of the team have experienced problems with people like that in the past). The length of the trial period will be based on the job being done, how well the applicant works with the team and how much progress is made. Any work made during the trial period will of course be credited if it is used in the final game regardless of whether or not the applicant makes it onto the team.

What we don't need

Experience has shown we'll probably get more posts from people who don't have the skills we need but want to help out in some way. So here's a list of the things we don't need. If that's all you can do for us, thank you for your interest but we can't use you.

BSG "Experts" - Hard though it might be to believe, a bunch of people willing to spend several hours a week doing an unpaid computer game design job just so that they can play a BSG game might actually be big fans of the show. :p Unless you actually worked on the show or have planted a listening bug in RDM's fillings you probably don't know the show any better than we do. If we ever do come up with an issue we can't answer we'll post it on the forums for you to have a go but we don't need someone permanently on staff just for that function.

Beta-Testers - Nice try but no, you can't have the game early in return for playing it through a couple of times and then posting a couple of comments. :p Beta-testing requires us finding people willing to play the game until they are completely sick of it and as such will be carried out in-house or by invitation only.

Other Positions

It's possible you've thought of something you can do for us that we haven't mentioned or maybe even thought of. If so, please tell us.

I wanted to ask if you still need a general C / C++ programmer and/or someone who can do some LUA scripting.
On the C++ side I did some scripting related patches and a small feature patch as requested by torc (I sent the patch to torc and it seems that it works) so I would be able to work on some little bugs and features.
I also created some scripts (for example the ParticleTrailScript or the Ejection seat script) and could create some Dispora specific scripts if you need one.

I hope that I can somehow help you to continue your awesome work

m!m we do need some work on scripts for R1 (namely a Cylon HUD one). But from what it looks like, a lot of script work will be for R2 and later.

You'll need to get yourself into the SCP if you're going to do much coding for us but we definitely do need a scripter. If you can get on IRC I'll sort you out for access etc.

Which channel should I join? I'm most times in #hard-light anyway.


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