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Seeing as how people were having trouble getting hold of some of the 3rd party missions and campaigns people have made for Diaspora, I figured I'd upload everything I have here.

I strongly suggest using the links on the release thread first. My versions may not be the most recent (if I'm wrong about a download please link the newer version here).

Hmm, BitDefender is blocking that page; says "malware detected".  I don't see an option to bypass bitdefender so I guess I will disable it temporarily. 

That's rather odd. I'm fairly sure there are no exe's on that page.

I didn't see any, either.  Maybe it is just overly aggressive - it also blocked me from going to Turey's installer page.  I cant find a way to tone it down or let me proceed without turning it off, so I might have to switch back to avast or something.  But might put this on my son's computer, if it will block him from some of the questionable sites he visits!  I just spent a week getting rid of a nasty rootkit he caught somewhere.

Are any of these co-op? If so, is there a way you can mark them as such?


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