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Hi Guys!
I'm a 3D printing enthusiast and I've been scouring the web for detailed 3D models (or any model, for that matter). A lot of the best ones are on old site that have fallen into disrepair. I've heard you guys have awesome models of the various starships in the BSG universe. I'm downloading the game right now, and I'll try to get some of the models out of it, but i know that usually in games you rely on texture more than mesh to show the details of a model to cut down on processing power. Do you guys known either where I could find good models of the Battlestar Galactica (and perhaps some vipers) or how to get them out of the game itself? I don't care about textures, just the raw mesh is all I need to print it.

Thanks a lot!

P.S. I know Ice-Dragon made tons of awesome ships in blender but I have no idea how to contact him... ARE YOU OUT THERE? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

Hey there, and welcome to the HLP BB!

What you want to do is possible! But unless someone here helps you, you'll need to get a handle on some of the FreeSpace file structures. Roughly, this is your workflow:

* Download and install Diaspora
* Download and install PCS2 (POF [model format] Constructor Suite) with Collada support and a VP [file archive format] extractor
* Open the Diaspora VPs and pull out everything in the data/models and data/maps folder
* Open POFs and export to .DAE for your favorite modeling program. Note the filenames for the textures.
* Edit the model in your favorite modeling program to delete all debris chunks and LODs (Level Of Detail models) other than LOD0.
* If desired, in your modeling program, finely subdivide the mesh and then apply the "" as a displacement map to restore model detail. Your mileage may vary.
If you're a 3D modeling enthusiast I'll assume you've done this before and have an idea how to do all these things. It goes without saying that these models should be used only for your own personal non-commercial use and not for redistribution without permission of the team.

If you get hung up on any of these steps just let us know and we can help you through it. And if you can, try playing the game. :)

Thanks a lot Galemp! I'll give it a shot! I'll be playing the game when I get back to school, I left my X52 there for break. Sounds like I should be able to get the models I'm looking for.

EDIT: I've gotten into the VP files, and gotten the POF files out, but the link for the POF Constructor Suite that you linked has a broken download link. I got another version off the web but it doesn't have collada support. Any ideas where else I could find a collada export program?

Also, from what I can see in the POF viewer, the fighter models aren't quite as detailed as I was hoping. I'll be trying to put the displacement maps on to help this, but I'm still on the lookout for more detailed versions if anyone has any ideas. The battlestars look awesome, though! I suppose I'm also on the lookout for a model of Galactica, since that doesn't seem to be in game.

Thanks again for your help!

This should have the latest available version of PCS2:

Thanks a lot niffiwan! I got the models out now and I'm sorting through how to make them printable. Should have something to show for it before too long. I'm still looking for more models with little details, but for now this is great. Thanks a lot!


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