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A full year after this mess ->

This is my new account, as I have rebranded both my email and my name. So those who knew me as piRatemaster may now refer to me as WildCharger. In the pursuit of other interests, I have fallen behind on creating missions for this game. I noticed that recent updates, however, not only did my graphics problem fix itself (I can now play in glorious 1920x1080) but that there were interesting additions to the briefing screen of the campaign. Nice touch, by the way, that was really cool to watch.

But nonetheless I am now back to a limited extent, and I wanted to ask a few questions:

* Did karajorma ever make that updated undocking tutorial? (Had to go through a computer reset and I lost my template file for undocking  :nervous:)
* Is there a guide for re-docking at the Battlestar? In the flight pods?
* Viper MK II anyone? ;7
* A bit obligatory: How's progress on the Galactica and Pegasus models that you claim to be working on?
Just a few things I wanted to ask after a year of playing this game on and off. Cheers!

Ah, Christmas week again. But this time I'm actually finished with the holidays so I have more time. Did you download Diaspora via Knossos (That's the brand new launcher/installer) or via the old installer? Knossos is easier to update and I can just push the update so that everyone can use it easily. But if you're on the old installer I can VP our newer docking solution and you can simply include it with your missions when you release something.

1 & 2) I didn't ever get around to releasing a docking/redocking tutorial but I have time to do that now so I'll make it a priority.

3 & 4) Galactica and Pegasus are still on the back burner at the moment. The Viper MK II only requires a cockpit for release. Problem is finding a modeller with the required talent and time (The latter being our main sticking point).

I did not download it via Knossos, all I know is that problems that I previously had with the game basically fixed themselves. Not sure if that was intentional. Should I re-install through Knossos?

No need at the moment unless you want to play any of the other FSO games. I'll try to get a download and instructions for the docking controls done today but I'm a little busy so no promises.

No rush. Honestly it's hard to put missions together as is because I'm a lazy bastard who won't bother to change the y value of anything so my missions end up appearing dull, so I think it'd be harder to achieve more advanced functions


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