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*Sigh* I play PC games on a Mac. (I know, heresy). I was really happy when the Diaspora team created a Mac version of the game , I think that's awsome that they made sure all major operating systems had ports. However, I don't think the R 1.1 and R 1.1.1 patches work, because the application "WXlauncher" is no longer supported for current Mac OS (or so my computer says) whenever I try running it. I have installed both patches in Library/Applications Support/Diaspora. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks

Use Knossos instead.  It's the new installer/launcher for everything FS2_Open based.

Thanks man!

Well, now I cant get Diaspora to work. I click the green [Play] button and nothing happens

That should have worked. If you click on details then options you should have a verify file integrity option.

I'm not much of a Mac user so I'm not sure what else to suggest beyond that.


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