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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Hello you wonderful people of HLP.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for having the passion for this wonderful piece of my childhood to keep this game alive for over 20 stonking years. I've been feeling old lately, and recently ordered a brand new flight stick so I could polish off my old FreeSpace 2 disc, reinstall some mods, and sit down for some nostalgia. I wouldn't be able to enjoy this product and its derivative works nearly as much were it not for the dedicated community you've all been.

I'd like to return the favor somehow and share my passion for FreeSpace however I can, so to christen the new flight stick, I'm dusting off the old YouTube channel me and my gaming chums used to maintain and streaming a full playthrough of FreeSpace, Silent Threat, Silent Threat: Reborn, and FreeSpace 2. I'm going to be starting tomorrow in 11 hours as of the posting of this thread, and I'd like to invite all you folks who made this experience and this renewed joy I feel possible with your mods and support of FreeSpace Open / Source Code Project. I hope I'm not breaking any norms here dropping a link, but I'd love to have any of you relive these games with me.

Hope to see you there, HLP community!

Ill Fated Gaming TV

I'm going to try to organize what campaigns to tackle in what order after I finish FS2. I'm thinking we'll go back and deal with "unseen" perspectives of the canon before moving outside those realms in a somewhat chronological order. Suggestions on what campaigns to add to the list, and possibly what order in which to play them, are welcome here.

Main Series:

* Memories of the Great War (COMPLETE!)
* Shivans (COMPLETE!)

* Phantoms (COMPLETE!)
* Echo Gate (COMPLETE!)
* Tango (COMPLETE!)
* Trimurti (COMPLETE!)
* Shrouding the Light (COMPLETE!)
* Series Resurrecta (COMPLETE!)

* Gehenna's Gate (COMPLETE!)
* The Spirit of Ptah (COMPLETE!)
* The Destiny of Peace (COMPLETE!)
* Eagle Takes Flight (COMPLETE!)
* Awakenings (COMPLETE!)
* Cardinal Spear (COMPLETE!)
* Between the Ashes (COMPLETE!)
* A Walk in the Sun (COMPLETE!)
New Years Meme Stream:

* happynewyear (COMPLETE!)
* Ridiculous (COMPLETE!)
Main Series Continued:

* Ancient-Shivan War (COMPLETE!)
* Pandora's Box (COMPLETE!)
* Uncharted Territory (COMPLETE!)
* New Path (COMPLETE!)
* Walls Closing (COMPLETE!)
* Shepherds (COMPLETE!)
* Vassago's Dirge (COMPLETE!)
* Fall of Epsilon Pegasi (COMPLETE!)
* Frontlines 2334 (COMPLETE!)
* Mantle (COMPLETE!)
* The Aftermath Reboot (COMPLETE!)
* Blue Planet Complete (COMPLETE!)
* Warmachine (COMPLETE!)
* Sync (COMPLETE!)
* Transcend (COMPLETE!)
* Deus Ex Machina (COMPLETE!)
* Deus Ex Machina: Interlude (COMPLETE!)
* Just Another Day (COMPLETE!)
* The Aftermath Reboot II (COMPLETE!)
* The Procyon Insurgency (COMPLETE!)
* Ribos: The Aftermath (COMPLETE!)
Tribute to TopAce:

* Renegade Resurgence (COMPLETE!)
* Journey to Epsilon Pegasi (COMPLETE!)
* Rogues! (COMPLETE!)
* Luyten Civil War (COMPLETE!)
Main Series Continued:

* Solaris (COMPLETE!)
* Aftermath (CE) (COMPLETE!)
* Warzone (COMPLETE!)
* Twilight (COMPLETE!)
* Derelict (COMPLETE!)
* Into the Halls of Valhalla (COMPLETE!)
* Inferno Classic (COMPLETE!)
* Sol: A History Upgraded (COMPLETE!)
* Inferno Nostos (COMPLETE!)
* Blue Planet: Chanticleer (COMPLETE!)
* Just Another Day 2.21 (COMPLETE!)
* Incursion (COMPLETE!)
* Return to Sol (COMPLETE!)
* Lost in the Mist (COMPLETE!)
* The Scroll of Atankharzim
* Between the Ashes 2
* Exile: Into the Dark Waters
* The Aeos Affair
* Twisted Infinities
* Unification War
* Cleaning Crew
* Burning Heaven
* Technological Superiority
* Into the Depths of Hell
* The Lightning Marshal
* New Beginnings
* Alliance Fights Back
* Battle for Altair
* Bem Cavalgar
* Reunion
* Eyebleach

* Blighted (I want to play more of this, so no COMPLETE tag)
* Just Another Day 2.22
* Just Another Day 2.23
* SHMUPSpace: Battle of Deneb
* Ghosts of Valor
* Beyond the Red Line (Battlestar Galactica total conversion)
* Diaspora (Battlestar Galactica total conversion)
* Adversary (Battlestar Galactica total conversion)
* Wing Commander Saga (Wing Commander total conversion)

Welcome, that looks great.

Be sure to also cover some community campaigns as well in your playthroughs. There’s lots of stuff that could use more exposure.


Taking a lunch break for a few hours.

As for community campaigns, what I'd like to do is Ancient-Shivan War, Derelict, Blue Planet Complete, Vassago's Dirge, Trimurti, Transcend, and Shrouding the Light. I've yet to play any of them save for ASW, so it'll be blind plays.

May I suggest others as well, like memories of the Great War, bta, scroll, uncharted territory, Pandora’s box. The list is extensive. Pick your pleasure.

Due to the YouTube stream dropping my audio stream for some reason, I'll be restarting this series with other Ill Fated Gaming friends commenting as well this upcoming Sunday!


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