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Mod "Realistic flight stats for Diaspora! (Ace-v1_Speed_x2_A)"


Hi everyone !
I have developed a new mod for Diaspora:
"Realistic flight stats for Diaspora! (Ace-v1_Speed_x2_A)"

this is a complete overhaul of the flight stats for much more edgy, realistic and probable gameplay!

can you tell me what you think, please?
(please be open-minded :))

thanks at Karajorma for him help and patience :slight_smile:

hi everyone!

I uploaded my latest version yesterday :)

I reduced the following values in the "ai.tbl" file:
"evasion" and "Max Aim Update Delay" for Cylons and Colonniaux; as well as "Glide Attack Percent", "Circle Strafe Percent", "Glide Strafe Percent" in the file "Ai_profiles.tbl".

the game is therefore easier! however, I can still reduce all of these values one step further, if necessary.

So, thank you for testing first the "Newbie" and "Able" versions of my mod, in "easy" difficulty! :)

and tell me, please, if it's still too difficult, or not, for you, thank you. :)

good game everyone :)


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