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I just had one. In the dream, I was replaying the main FS2 campaign, except it was the newest, upgraded version released by the community, and one of the changes they had made was to include brand new cutscenes before and after every mission.

I was watching one where the GTVA was evacuating and running from the Shivans, there were some ships (I recall an Orion and Mentu, and some kind of large Vasudan transport) being destroyed by Shivan beams. The odd things were that the beams mostly came from offscreen, and we didn't really get to see much of the Shivan ships (I think that I saw a Sathanas briefly, though). The beams were a very dark/dull red instead of bright red, but in the dream, I didn't find this weird.

The cutscene then shifted to focus on a specific Terran ship (I forget what kind but it was fairly large), there were fighters dogfighting around it, and Shivans were drifting through space and grabbing onto the hull, trying to tear their way in. In response, there were Terrans in spacesuits on the hull of the ship (some of them looking oddly like 40K space marines) fighting them off with guns that shot green lasers.

One Shivan fired its beam weapon (which looked more like a few thin white bolts than the large beam in the original cutscene) and hit one of the Terran soldiers, knocking him off a ledge onto a lower part of the ship (makes no sense in zero-G, but it was a dream...) then he was attacked by a Shivan wearing a Terran spacesuit (these looked more like traditional NASA suits). You couldn't see the Shivan inside but somehow I knew there were supposed to be Shivans inside those suits.

Just as it looked like the suited Shivan was about to kill the guy, it was hit by a white energy blast from behind, accompanied by the distinctive whine of a Banshee cannon. The suited Shivan didn't seem to be physically damaged, but it collapsed and fell off the Terran, apparently dead. Pan to see what was identified as an Angel Scout Fighter (in this cutscene it was so small it was about the same size as the suited Terran). It was shown that these fighters were armed only with a single Banshee laser, and were helping defend the ship against the Shivans.

The armored Terran thanks the Angel pilot, but then suddenly they are surrounded by about 50 more Shivans in those NASA spacesuits, and someone says that the Shivans are overrunning them. At this point, the armored Terran seems to just surrender, walking forward and letting the Shivans tear him apart. The Angel pilot does the same thing, landing on the larger ship's hull so the suited Shivans can climb onto the fighter and destroy it.

Then the dream changed to a situation where I was critiquing the cutscene. I don't recall if I was on the forums or what, but I was speaking to the people here who created the new cutscenes. I said that it was very impressively rendered, but I was confused because I didn't recall any humanoid Shivans (referring to the ones in the spacesuits) in the original games.

The creator of the cutscene replied with "Who says they're humanoid?" and then argued that the Shivans' 5 limbs were in the arms, legs, and head of the spacesuits and the rest of their bodies were contorted to fit inside somehow. I objected to this, saying that Shivans would be too big to fit in Terran spacesuits like that (I specifically remember comparing the size of a Shivan to an elephant).

The cutscene author replied with a long, overly complex analysis of the FS1 Hallfight cutscene, arguing that a rank insignia seen on one of the Terrans' uniforms was always a standard size and could be used to measure the size of the Shivan, thus mathematically proving that it could fit into a NASA spacesuit.

Before I could ask any followup questions, like how the Shivans got those spacesuits in the first place, or why they would even be wearing them (there were even unsuited Shivans in the same cutscene), I woke up.

The fact that your dream devolved into an argument about lore accuracy in upgraded cutscenes is just perfect. :lol:

I was deployed from a ship that had found itself lost in a nebula.  This guy who'd gone missing recently shows up in a fighter saying to follow him, nobody really knows what's going on.  Me and my wingmates are following him and we see this ship in the distance, not a spaceship, the outline of old timey pirate ship just sat there in the middle of a nebula.  Then a massive subspace portal opens up behind it and at that point I got woken up.

Trivial Psychic:
Wasn't that a mission in Derelict?


--- Quote from: Trivial Psychic on June 29, 2023, 12:02:09 am ---Wasn't that a mission in Derelict?

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