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[RELEASE/WIP] Earlier Cylon Raiders

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Thought I'd post an update on my little project I've been tinkering with. I've been creating the Cylon Raiders from the 2003 video game, and adding a kind of RDM twist to them. So far, I've put the standard Raider in-game, however I'm still working out how to get my normals to work. Been learning how to use Substance Painter, slowly getting the hang of it.

Looks awesome.

Very nice! Can’t wait to see what else you’re working on!


I feel it's time I release the Mk1 Raider I've been working on. Being the first mod I've released, and my first attempt at using PBR textures, I reckon this is a pretty solid mod. I did find it difficult to get the proper shine, but it still looks good in-game. It uses existing Diaspora effects and weapon loadouts, so compatibility shouldn't be an issue, as long as your running Diaspora. Please let me know if you have any dramas.

It's Non-playable however, as I haven't got around to building a cockpit yet and I feel the existing raider hud didn't fit it well. But it is in the cards, as I wanna make an infiltration mission inspired by the 2003 games one. It's also guns only, no missiles.

I'm also gonna show you the Marauder bomber which will be the next to be released. I've tossed and turned on whether to make external model mounts for the missiles, giving the Marauder different looks with different loadouts, but for now I'm sticking with the original 'Missile Pod' design. 

Colonol Dekker:
Very neat.  That's cool bro.


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