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I felt the need to come on here and express my incredible thanks for everyone involved in this project.
I bought the original Descent Freespace game when it first came out because I loved the original Descent and Descent II games so much. Obviously I was shocked to find that this was NOTHING like those games. I bought a joystick and had an incredible experience. Freespace 2 blew me away when it came out, but for some reason I never completed it. I don't know if it was timing with college or what but it had always been a regret. Bored at the house recently I thought it might be fun to try and see if the old game would still work and I even repaired the old flight stick whose plastic gears had broken and capacitors had dried up. I believe it was a post on these forums that helped me get the force feedback drivers working for the stick in Win10 too. Then I fell into the rabbit hole which is this community. I can't believe that this game has had the textures redone so wonderfully, the cinematics enhanced, the incredible content created, work involved, ETC. What an amazing community. I dug out my old disks and finally played through Freespace 2 completely (what a weird ending).

Thank you so much to everyone that has made this possible. I know I am WAY late to this scene but I am so blessed to have rediscovered the game in the brilliance that it has been enhanced to. I never post on forums but I had to express my thanks since this really blew me away. I can't wait to try some of the cool MODs that are out there... but I might have to play through the first game again (also I never did play Silent Threat either).


(Or welcome back!)

This is a great story.  And you're certainly in for a treat with all the mods. :D

Iain Baker:
Welcome aboard pilot. Take a look at this if you get a mo:

Colonol Dekker:

Hey Goober5000. I was just reading the interview with Jason Scott from 2011 that seems you had a good hand in making happen. How insightful and so cool that you all were able to get community questions asked and answered. So neat!
Thank you Iain for those links. There's such little good content out there (outside of this group) that can really utilize the flight stick that I am really going to dive into this.
I wish I could get my son into these kinds of games but it's such a strange generation. He has only played Rocket League and Fortnite for YEARS. Basically zero interest in anything else. *sigh*


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