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Can we get someone to just AI Voice Over new missions with Robert Loggia etc...

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Title basically, new guy here, cant express my gratitude to this community, brings back childhood vibes and tears... and some sort of reminiscent feeling of something that once was. Few years back i would glance at my past and think about this game and the fact that this jewel can never be repeated due to the various circumstances such as your youth, the time this was set in, the voice actors... or can it ?

Can we get someone with more time on their hands to do full fledged missions using pre-trained AI voice model feeding on various original voice actors from actual lines in the game ? We can get them to say anythin we want now, and preserve that original tone of voice of Samsa, Petrarch, Bosch, hell why not even the translated Vasudan voice.

Lets go community, we have the gift of AI in our hands, you know what must be done :D

You mean aside from the fact that recreating actors digitally without their consent is ethically questionable and often against what they or their living estate would want?

Aside from that little issue, AI tools are never the magic bullet that they are advertised to be. They take serious effort to get the results you want and even then they still draw you a woman with 16 fingers. And yes there is an audio version of that.. it's often weird cadence with a stilted performance. Ask Darius who uses AI generated voices for all of Solaris (not dead-actor recreations, but just generally available AI voices) and how much effort it takes to get each line right.


While I appreciate the ideas, I'm not sure AI voicing is quite at the drop-in point yet.  More significantly, I question the ethics and possibly legality of using AI to recreate the voices of real actors.  I doubt HLP/SCP wants that kind of attention if someone (or their estate) objects.   :)

edit: mjn.mixael already said it better than me lol
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Yes, I understand both the legal, and moral implications here. However:

Scientists assured us that we have all the data we need to rebuild the Kn...  new community made missions and have realistic briefings by the original voice actors in the FS2 universe.

I won't repeat the legal and primary ethical argument against AI recreations, but there is another point that needs to be made:

The recreation of know talent by AI is raising the entry hurdles for new and developing talents, similarly to the preferential hiring of same famous talents over and over.  This is not only a problem for voice acting talent but also for the producing side, as the variety and diversity of talent can be throttled by this.


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