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Okay now that we`ve got a forum and have properly moved in it's time to start getting some work done.

MindGames is a Sol Based FS2 campaign set a couple of years after the events in Capella. We`ve got quite a few novel ideas for the campaign the best one of these being the influence of a new species known simply as The Starborn.

More Details are available in the link in my FAQ.

Missions are planned and ready for FREDding but we could use more staff.

We Require FREDders most of all as we only have 2 FREDders on the team and we are both involved with other campaigns as well.
 We'll take anyone regardless of FREDding experience. Both myself and Miburo enjoy training newbies in FRED and have done so before so if you`ve done the walkthrough but want some additional help we`ll help you.
 Experienced FREDders are of course welcome to join

We also could use Modders, ani artists and members of the other campaign building professions (we could especially use a skin mod at the moment).

hmm well i can do anis with the normal FS2 ships but im going to need someone to make new ships into LW format before i could do anis.

but if someone will i would be willing to help

i FREDded for Inferno if thats ok.

Thanks for the offer Ashrak. I`ll keep it in mind once we`ve got ani's planned (I`ve got the prelims in mind but we need a few mods still for some of them)

PhReAk anyone who's FREDded for Inferno is almost certainly good enough for me (better than we had hoped for to be honest). How much time can you afford to spend with us? Just a single mission or more than that?

I just want to make the point a little more strongly because they won't say it this way:

Karajorma and Miburo (a.k.a. Lady Rose), two of the most knowledgeable FREDers in the community, are willling to mentor beginners.  This is a great opportunity for someone who has the desire to really learn FRED while contributing to an active campaign.


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