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Okay first off, welcome to the MindGames team PhReAk, Hades and Shiva Archon.

I need your e-mail addresses so that I can mail some extra campaign details to you. Feel free to PM them if you don`t want to post them.

Welcome :nod: :nod: :nod:

I thought it was in my profile? Oh well, I use a different one anyways. [email protected]. If you want anything urgent, PM me, 'cause I don't check my mail often.

It's nothing Urgent Hades. Just the extra info that all MG staff have that isn`t public knowledge. I`d post it on the forum but since you don`t have access to that yet I thought it easier to E-mail it (too much for a single PM)

Alright, I'll check it tonight.:D Give you ca chance to write it.


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