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hey u guys need a renderer ?

Nice work on those planets, BTW :)

oh and all credits for the planet meshes must go to FABIO

send the last of em to kara ;)

so am i umm in?:thepimp:

Knight Templar:
You guys still want Freders? I think your idea is awesome, but I am unfortuneatly tied up beyond beleif.

But, I got my cousin into the game, and he's currently learning to FRED, so I'm going to have him do the tut and play around a bit, but I think he might be intrested in your operation ;7

You said something like helping out beggining fredders and stuff, right? Well I am sure I can get him started, and then possibly work with you guys if you'd like. It'd be a good chance for him to develop some good skrillz and get used to the HLP;/FS2 Campaign scene.

Lemme know :)


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Ashrak

so am i umm in?:thepimp:
--- End quote ---

Welcome aboard :D  There's a PM from Karajorma waiting for you.


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