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The Starborn FAQ page is up.

If you've got questions or comments, this is the place  :cool:

that's some cool philosophical Scifi **** there man.:yes: :yes:

Oh, I have the following question.

Why didn't the starborn stop the collapsing of the Gamma Draconis - Capella jump node. They did want it to remain open, didn't trhey

The shivans have other ways into GTVA space and the Starborn were too surprised by the shivans blowing up Capella to do anything much about the GD-Capella node

All true :)

There's also this:

The collapse of a jumpnode is a minor inconvenience to the Starborn.  It merely means that a Starborn has to use a little more energy to get to (or from) subspace.  Any jumpnode was originally just a weak spot in the energy ‘wall’ between subspace and normal space.  It became what we recognize as a jumpnode by the Starborn using it as the easiest path in their travels.  The Starborn will simply find another nearby weak spot and start to use it.  After thousands of passages, the new spot may show up on the Shivan Groupmind’s sensors as a jumpnode.  After hundreds of thousands of passages, GTVA sensors will also register it.

As far as the Starborn ‘preventing’ anything, keep in mind that the Starborn have very little physical presence in the universe.  They are best thought of as energy beings.  While their ability to manipulate energy is vast, their ability to manipulate solid matter is almost non-existent.  The best they’ve been able to do with solid matter is to shift a few molecules at a time.  (The molecules they shift are usually in the genes of the races that they’re changing for the Great Game.)  The only way they could prevent something physical from happening is through the use of their ‘game pieces’ – those individual members of Coldlife races that can hear Starborn thoughts and act on their suggestions.


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