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A Vasudan by Any Other Name

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During a war, soldiers tend to come up with a nickname for the enemy.  The nicknames seem to serve two opposite purposes - they make the enemy familiar (and therefore less frightening?) but also faceless (and morally easier to kill?).  Somewhat surprisingly, the nicknames themselves are rather benign (calling a man in a red coat a “Lobster” is almost funny while calling someone “Charlie” makes them sound like a friend), probably showing the respect that one soldier has for another, even when talking about an enemy.

So my question is: What would Alpha 1 and his buddies of the UTS call their Vasudan enemies?  And, since the Vasudans think just like we do, what would they call the humans?

Knight Templar:
Vasudans = Boneheads

Humans = Fleshies, Morons, puffys, pinkies.

Before anyone else says it I`ll say "fish lovers" for the vasudans :)


I always thought it was Zods, not Zogs. :confused:


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