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whats the hold up? (not a troll)

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No, I am not trolling.
I just want to know how many are still working on this project, what is left to be done, why its taking so long, and what I can do to help.
totally not trolling.

kara was waiting for another project he was doing, or something.

Yeah. That and the fact that most of the team seem to be busy with other stuff too. I am very slowly making progress but unless there are talented FREDders sitting around with nothing to do then MG is going to progress only when I find time to work on it.

Are you looking for freders or is it not a huge deal? :wtf:

If FREDders want to apply I'm more than happy to bring them on board. I only take qualified FREDders though. Don't have time to train up newbies here.


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