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*cough*seeds of rebellion*cough* lol
--- Quote from: karajorma on November 10, 2010, 08:32:04 am ---Fury has basically summed up my attitude. Diaspora takes up large swathes of my free time and what time it doesn't take up is spent on coding.

That said I still haven't forgotten about MindGames and I definitely want to do it. Currently my intention is to rebuild the team and get everyone working again as soon as R1 of Diaspora is out. Hopefully that isn't as far away as it sounds. :D

I suspect we'll probably take a leaf out of Blue Planet's book and make everything based on publicly available mods. We were previously going for about 80-90% community released stuff anyway (MG was always about the storyline and not the mods).

The big issue is how much of the previously FREDded content will still stand up today. I know that a couple of the missions will probably be okay with minor tweaks but a few will probably need to be completely re-FREDded to bring them up to 2010 standards.

So yeah, definitely not dead. Not on hiatus much longer too hopefully. :p

--- End quote ---

*cough*seeds of rebellion*cough* lol

Well, Diaspora R1 isn't out, so it's too early to say anything.

I'd be happy to come back to MG if it gets resurrected. (Note that I technically never left it. :P)

Like I said, I'm waiting for R1 to be out before resurrecting MG.

Seeds is the project I'd work on once both are out.

Good to hear you're still available TopAce. :)

Do I recall MG celebrating 50% completion in the highlights some years ago ? Or did I just dream that ?

mindgames looks intriguing enough... I would certainly be interested in seeing it advance! thanks kara, those news are precious!

I suppose you will still drop the mercury affair though?


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