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That's not what I mean, I was just saying I don't think people need to go back and redo old missions to incorporate new features or anything like that.

And I didn't say any of the missions must be redone from scratch just because they're x years old. Inserting some SCP features (where it's sensible to use them from a gameplay perspective) here and there is what I had in mind. It's as much effort as fixing a non-properly working mission goal or debriefing. I mentioned if-then-else because that's what I associated with when I read "new SCP feature." I could have mentioned something more trivial, like Flip Icon.

There were quite a few things we wanted to do in MG that we were unable to do because the engine couldn't actually do them. Since the engine can do them now, we might as well. :)

hmm... do tell!

Not much to tell without spoilers. Just that SCP FRED gives me vastly more possibilities than it used to. :)


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