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Alright I know double post, but krevett62 has had to pull out of the team due to issue pertaining to real life problems. So I now have two positions open:

1 FREDer
1 Visual artist

As per the team's mission statement, I will be taking preference to people who don't have any experience working in modding teams previously, but if I can't find any noobs I'll take anyone. But, to help people decide if they would like to join, I'll tell you what the team has come up with so far:

We are making a campaign set in 2330 during the Terran-Vasudan War. We're going to be covering the Battle of Talania. Pretty straightforward, right? WRONG! Talania isn't on the node map, so what happened to it? That's the premise of the campaign.

It's been a while since I've posted something here, mostly because we haven't lost anyone for the last month. We've been hard at working and are getting close to completing Act 1. Here's some pictures!

That said, my request for the two positions is still open and I'd be happy to take more people on.

I've updated the main post. I'm only looking for one more FREDer at this time. At the same time, time for a late welcoming of Abaddon, Neptune, and OneOneThree to the dev team!

As for actual updates to the mod, significant progress has been made toward making a demo release ala BTA. I'd show some screens, but a lot of this is still very placeholder for dialog and whatnot.

Welcome PIe to the team! We are no longer looking for members.


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