What to do with PCS2?

Move PCS2 to newer libraries and try to fix it up
Integrate PCS2s functionality and an equivalent UI into QtFRED
Other (please post your suggestion)

Author Topic: The Future of PCS2 Development  (Read 2816 times)

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Re: The Future of PCS2 Development
Looking forward to PCS..O?

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Re: The Future of PCS2 Development
Betting on QtPCS :P
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Re: The Future of PCS2 Development
More like CutePCS


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Re: The Future of PCS2 Development
We already said we're not going to go all in and link it into FRED. The currently accepted suggestion only involves making a separate app that links with the FSO source code to reduce the total amount of code we have to maintain. FSO and FRED both link (in the compiler sense) a shared library as this reduces the total amount of code we have to maintain and provides cross-application consistency. Thinking of it as merely another program that resides within the project folder that happens to share code with FRED and FSO.

That does seem like a more sensible way to go about things to me too. It would have additional benefits too. If you're working on a variant Orion for instance, you'd have access to the original table file even if it's in a VP. I can see the ability to pull up stats from another ship being incredibly useful when you're deciding on hitpoints, etc.
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Re: The Future of PCS2 Development
Indeed. Obviously we'd go for parity with PCS2 first but stretch-goals would include things like turret and subsystem presets that would populate the fields you'd normally use with subobjects (FVec, UVec, and Dumb Rotate for example) or the ability to read/edit the table entry alongside the model.
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