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Darkest Dawn - M41-Hyperion 5 crashes on me 100% of the time


3 times in a row and it takes almost 30m to get there so im not going to try again, in the last part of the mission, It seems to happen as soon as the 2nd wave of bombers is killed.
Also the number of bombers is not show on screen, it says something like $bomber_count.

I just did a clean install with knossos for the 3rd attempt, same issue.

EDIT: to clearify, its not just a mission error, it crashes the game to desktop, whiout giving any error. Running default config, 3.8.0-3

Right before crash

EDIT2: USing 3.8.1 SSE2 fixed the issue.

I have the same problem with FSO-19.0.0-RC2 !

Playing the original version or the Knossos/FSCRP one?


--- Quote from: Nightmare on January 05, 2020, 02:51:32 pm ---Playing the original version or the Knossos/FSCRP one?

--- End quote ---

Mito [PL]:
Can you provide us with a debug log? In order to do so, extend the dropdown menu on the mod tile and use the "Run Fast Debug" option, then play until you encounter the problem, then use the option "Upload debug log" from the same dropdown menu, and finally post the link here.


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