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The Gwenyhvar Encounter et Historical Missions

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Christos ESQ:
 Hail All -

So I have Just Completed The Darkest Dawn Campaign only Nearly Half a Decade after I first Downloaded it in 2016 and Nearly an Entire Decade after it's Initial Release, so I don't image many to still be Checking This Forum (that bit was intitally meant for the WCS Forums however for some reason it's not letting me post over there even tho I am logged in, tsk)... So I recently came across a few clips on Youtube which featured the WCS Mission Interface, The Gwenhyvar Encounter:  - which had the seemed to have Elements of WCS, ie the HUD and the Mission Select Screens et al but also appeared to have featured some Throwback Graphics and Another Clip which had Wing Commander 4 Cut Scenes but then Switched the Same Unmistakable WCS Mission Interface and WCS Gameplay (don't have the link to that clip at present)....which leads to my Query, does anyone know where I might find these (what I am Deducing are Stand Alone?) Missions and if so, the method I would take to make them appear when selecting via the Campaign Screen?  I suppose I haven't totally scoured the Various Forums for Additional WCS Content, but I thought I would see if there is a Resource Floating Around Out There that I could be Pointed Toward to Assist in my Search for Additional WCS Content... Or is it Fruitless?

Shall I just Move On to another FSO Engine Based Game?  If so, do y'all have any Recommendations for someone who prefers the WCS Gameplay and Graphics (Very Well Done WCS Design Team if any of Y'all are Spying this Post, tut!)?  I am Considering Diaspora or maybe just Giving the Ole Freespace Two a Whirl with a HOTAS this Time, I'm pretty sure the First Time I tackled it it was either with Mouse et Keyboard or a Single Joystick like a Old School Thrustmaster (remember the No Frills Tan and Black Number) or a Sidewinder, I have had a Few b'fore upgrading to the Saitek X52 Pro. 

I particularly liked how seemlessly my HOTAS worked with WCS, as it was my First Time using a Throttle and Stick, and again, I may be incorrectly deducing here but for some reason I just don't think that Some of the Other Fan-Created Offerings will be as Smooth in that Arena, but I will happily be proved wrong on that Point should Another Game via this Engine fit the Bill. 

If anyone who  is Still Roaming around this here Forum and Could Offer any Insight, We Greatly Appreciate the Direction.

Thank Ya Kindly ~

Well, if you have checked the video description of the video you have linked here... you may have found WCHF Assets/tech demo pack already, where this mission is part of.  :rolleyes:
The download link there is still valid.

In the Tech Room you can go in the Mission Simulator and then you can select Single Missions.

The Wing Commander IV Tech Demo was here released as well. However there seems to be only this one still available. This one was rereleased for the FSO-compatible version of WCS. No idea, if this one is still compatible to the standalone version.

Christos ESQ:
Thanks for the Swift Reply, Novachen... Same Day No Less, wasn't Expecting That given that is a Decade after These Missions were Created!

And Yeah, I had already planned on putting my Ask for more Content to the WCSaga Forums (alas it's not letting me post in there for some reason despite having posted Joystick Related Question in the past) before I came across the Gwenyhvar youtube clip for the Second Time but I do remember seeing it and the WC4 clip Months Ago, so when I saw it again today I didn't even Finish viewing it b'fore making Today's Post, I typically try to figure things out on my own before posting in the Forums.  That said, I don't think I am working with as Sharp a Brain as I did when I first Downloaded the Original Stand Alone WCSaga in 2016, I remember I had to Alter a Line or Two of Something to Get it to Run with my HD Intel Internal Graphics Adapter if memory Serves...

And on that Note, I have another Question per the FSO compatible Version of Saga, I take it that refers to the 3.6.12 Inferno Build?  So uh, I take it when I create the 'WCHFAssets' folder (which is Suppose to be Created within the 'WCSaga Prologue' folder, which I do not have, altho I have played the Prologue I think I added it after the initial Darkest Dawn Standalone Game so in my Root Directory, it's simply a folder titled 'Wing Commander Saga'... I am guessing I just to just create the 'WCHFAssets' folder within the 'Wing Commader Sage' Folder or shall I create a 'WCSaga Prologue' Folder for the WCHFAssests and then run the launcher and select the corresponding FS mod after extracting the files into the 'WCHFAssets' Folder? 

Wow, that was worded awkwardly but I think it works, ne'ertheless.

I am Going to See if I can Use these Links follow the Instruction and see if I can run the mods on the Standalone Version of the Game, if not I'll attempt to install the FSO version and take it from there ~

Thanks again for the Timely Response and Assistance!

There are actually two versions of Wing Commander Saga: Darkest Dawn out there.

The "official" one from and a newer "unofficial" one, that you can download via Knossos for example.
The difference is, that the official one use an own build line, that is incompatible to FSO due to exclusive code changes.

The unofficial rerelease is however a version, that is compatible to normal FSO executables and so uses more current features like Shadows.

Have to admit, that i did not see, that WCHF is actually a mod for the Prologue.
That one is a different story actually.

As you already point out, the Prologue still used a so-called Inferno build, which is however part of the normal FSO build line. So per sé it should be compatible to the "inofficial" rerelease then.

How to run that, then.
Well... Knossos lacks some usability there. But the easiest steps then would be, to create an own mod via Development Tab in Knossos that uses FSO & Wing Commander Saga as dependency and put the data folder from WCHF in the new created mod folder. Then you should be able to run it.

Or you simple try it with the official release. In that case, you put the whole WCHFAssets folder into Wing Commander Saga\mods and select it via WCS Launcher, which is i think worth a try, as it is much easier actually.

Wing Commander IV Demo is a smaller problem however, that one can directly installed and played via Knossos without to fiddle in the Development section.

Christos ESQ:
Thank Ye for the Detailed and Timely Response, @Novachan!

I'm going to attempt create a mod folder in the 'Wing Commander Saga' folder in the Stand Alone Game First, but my Outlook is Dim per that Actually getting the WCIV Missions to Pop Up in the Campaign Menu and it Running the Enhanced Movie Clips that I have already Extracted into the 'WCHFAssets' folder, yet I am Going to Try It Anyhow.

More likely than Not I will have to go on over to GOG, get Freespace 2 this Evening and Figure this Whole FSO and the Most Current Build, I am thinking there must a Version more Recent than the 3.6.12 Inferno Build that I read about Last Night/Wee Hours of This Morn...

And then Read Up On and Install Knossis, don't know if I'll get that Far Tonight...  And even tho I know I won't get even close to the WCIV Missions which require me to install a whole new earlier yet more recently upgraded (???) WCSaga Prologue for FSO (Did I get that Right?), I'll check over at the Saga Site for the FSO Version of Saga and Hope that it's Still Hanging Around per an Unbroken Link. 

And as I wrap this I am just now realising that the post above really doesn't mention the Gwenyhvar Mission nor any Historical Content (I suppose WCIV counts) so this Thread may be a bit out of Place, but it seems like I have enough of my plate for the next day or so.

Thanks Again for the Guide ~


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