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Moon landings fake!!

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*Rolleyes* you people are morons.. this thread needs a timeout

You bumped it...

[q]*Rolleyes* you people are morons.. [/q]

As Mr T once said: Shut up foo!

Besides Trapdoor rocked. ("Don't you open that trap door!")

yeah, Bananaman. and Voltron, Ritchie Rich, and some other ones.

ah, childhood memories.

Bananaman, Bertha, Dangermouse, Trapdoor, Button Moon, The Magic Roundabout, Thundercats and Heathcliffe are all I really remember about my childhood TV (ages 3-8 really) and having had the opportunity to watch most of these again I can sincerely say that they have stood the test of time.

Though nothing comes close to Thomas The Tank Engine for me, that program has a special place in my heart.

Also, Kazan, starting an argument is the best way of drawing attention to the fact you ****ed up with your complete lack of a sense of humour, just leave it be.


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