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Moon landings fake!!

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Well, it's blatantly obvious that the Government has been covering up the existence of soup dragons since 1969 - that's why they won't allow anyone else to go to the moon, to make sure no-one else steals the soup.

EDIt, oh, and

Col. Fishguts:
It's very obvious that these pics are all CGI, created with NASA's mainframe back in the sixties....

ROTFL those aren't even real images of the moon landing! ROTFL That's not even the design of the LEM --- ROTFL

I do believe you're mistaken Kaz. Notice how on the second-to last picture, the moon creature is a pastely shade on pink. Well, I checked NASA's archives, and they have that very same picture, only in that one, the creature is blue.

Another shameless photo manipulation by NASA.

um.... i sincerely hope you're joking.. since there are no moon creatures, nasa never said there were, nasa has no official pictures with moon creatures

the best thing is that LEM isn't even the right design, and it's too small -- then there is always the space suit, that's not nasa-issue either


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