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Most, if not all, of the models showcased here will be in the FringeSpace (FS) mod for FreeSpace Open (FSO), mainly because FSO is far more modifiable and has had more updates over the years than T:TF.  ;)

The models won't be available to play with until Alpha release, but, as you might have guessed, due to a general lack of manpower I cannot say when that will be finished.

We have a handful of HD fighter craft and weaponry ready for Alpha, but we're still in need of modelers and textures. We're also in need of C++ coders to help with the development of a handful of tools to help with the transition from the T:TF engine to FSO, as well as help with adding some needed features in FSO before we can have the same or better game mechanics as in T:TF (namely weaponry mechanics and the ability to jump through TCG gates).

^ What he said...

Despite my lack of updates we're not dead. Just real limited in time and manpower.
Mostly we're waiting on trying to get the model converter utility fixed / remade so we can fix half a dozen
issues we've had since the inception of the project. Z is the only only one actually doing work on it now, even
though I've offered a paid bounty on getting it finished.

Good help is hard to come by.


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