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Cool stuff, how long have you been working on the project?

We'll be on our 4th anniversary later this month.  :cool:

You may wish to look through the general info thread for information such as this and more.

I forgot to mention since it was late when I posted the OP, but many folks may recognize the bases
as some of SolCommand's models. This is true and I have permission to use them. They may or may not make
it into the final product, but we needed something as a "base" to build upon and test things out when we
get around to those features.

Commander Zane:
I don't know what to say, the awesomeness has me speechless.
Goddamn the Archangel looks sexy in normals, The Pirannah and Barracuda are looking really good, even if they're untextured as of now.

On the in-game images, there's an ammo count for the Sunspot, is that the energy torpedo? It's been quite some time since I've played Tachyon, but this is the main question, will FringeSpace be able to replicate the behavior of the GalSpan's energy-based missiles (Like the Solaris and EMP torpedo, that's the only thing I can think of), that is, use the energy pool of the ship since they don't use a ballistic ammo count.

Something I've noticed and I think is funny, whenever I look at the Bora medium laser I can't help but think of a GTD Raynor.

Anyway, you've given me another mod to add to my list of mods I very much want to play. :D

Energy is indeed tricky in FS2... even the energy allocation system is quite different.
Don't even ask about Tach's crazy complicated dmg system.. I think it's some kind of offspring
of DnD and Tetris.

Energy weapons are not going to be an issue, as Getter Robo did some stuff with
the old Star Trek mod that I saw, with torpedoes that looked very similar to what we need.
Weapons for us are in sort of a mixed state of completedness, as I've had to jump back
and forth between rigger, texture stuff, table stuff, management, ships, stations, etc...

Chatter cannon is spot on copied from Tach, lasers are not far from done, ballistic weapons are having
a hard time with impacts and dmg due to the speeds among other things. Sappers - I know
most if not all of the stuff needed for them are existing features. Torps I've just not worked on
to a great extent.

Lots of the shots above are year to two year old pics which are mostly me either showing
off cause I got it in game, or just fooling around with it. The Sunspot is the medium weight GS missile.
They get Spire Rockets, Sunspots Missiles, and Swarm Missiles, in that order for Base Wars unlocks.

Energy weps (from memory) are the Disruptor, Hunter, Solaris, (maybe Blast and Adv Blast), Railgun, Corona Device,
Tractor Beam, and all lasers. I'm not a frequent user of the blast and adv, so tad fuzzy there.

Zacam helped us with the Archangel bump mapping in order to set some things straight. If only we could
clone him a few times.  ^_^

Navbuoy WIP:

It has a ways to go...  :nervous:


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