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Aurora Paradox:
The FSCRP is proud to announce the next release of the Warzone campaign.  We were hoping to make this our final release of Warzone but that was not meant to be.  The FSCRP is currently experiencing a shortage of testers so we are asking for the help and support of the community for the final testing stage of this campaign.

A great deal has changed since the last beta release.  We have fixed a myriad of bugs and other oddities but most importantly we have finished the voice acting. The FSCRP would like to express its thanks to all those who contributed to the voice acting effort.  In addition, I would like to personally thank Tinman and fightermedic for getting the voice acting ready for prime.

This release of Warzone is almost like the release candidate version of the campaign.  We have fixed all the bugs that we know of and the campaign is stable.  What we need from the community is simple.  We are looking to put the final coat of polish on this campaign.  Our goal is to eliminate all spelling and grammar errors, make sure the text and the voice acting match up, and ensure that we that we didn't miss any bugs.

Good Hunting Pilots.


Original Campaign Creator: IceFire
Original 2.2 version: Admiral Nelson
Versions 2.3.0 through 2.3.2: Mobius
Testing: Macfie, Mobius, SF-Junky, Aurora Paradox, fightermedic
Support: MP-Ryan

Download from Mediafire

Recommended Build: We recommend that you use the latest stable build available.

Will get on it as soon as I get home from class tonight.

Ooh, this is getting started today. :)

Will play it ASAP.

just finnished playing campain and would like to say... Congrats! solid campaign and I like the concept alot.

No grammacal errors I could see, the voice acting all added up and no errors.

Again good job.


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