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Things to do in the source code

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Should this be fused with the "Roadmap" topic, seeing as this is basically the same thread with a different title, or vice-versa?

General Battuta:

The E:
Not really, because I want the actual roadmap to be in the very first post, not buried somewhere down on page 1 or 2.

One thing that I just noticed is that under the graphics options menu there is an option to increase the max texture size to 4096x4096. I honestly don't recall if that option was there in the stock game or if it has been added by the source code team. The problem though is that if I select that option it causes the game to crash. I was hoping that this could possibly be fixed. The reason is that I've been experimenting with seeing how huge a starship the game can render nicely. If you make a starship that gets much over 25km in length, the textures start to look bad with a shimering kind of shadowy effect. The larger you can make the texture file though, the better it looks. So far I haven't been able to use anything over 2048x2048 so I"m thinking if the larger texture size were permitted without crashing, it might make HUGE starships more feasible.

The E:
Please locate the file called errlog.txt (should be in your starshatter folder), and post it here.


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