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--- Quote from: Lykurgos88 on October 19, 2016, 04:55:46 pm ---There already was a single mission from Act 4 included in original release, so I always thought it was going to continue...  ;7

--- End quote ---

Yurifessa was intended to be a bonus mission and never was intended for act 4. Actually Yurifessa was going to be a part of Act 4, but act 4 was completely different. Remember that the hidden more comedic route for act 2? That was supposed to be the continuation of that. The whole story was going to go in the deep end of insanity ending with going to Sheevantown which would look exactly like a 1950s American suburb except Shivan. That whole thing got scrapped when Droid and I realized we weren't funny.

DE2 has a different protagonist who is completely different from Mike.

Finally got around to working on this after endless pestering from Droid.



--- Quote from: Cobra on December 28, 2016, 10:42:31 pm ---YOUR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IS LATE, PAL.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, bruh, that was the Cyclone. THIS IS THE NEW YEARS MIRACLE.

You've UVmapped and textured this thing in 2 months? ARE YOU A WIZARD?
Usually HLP models get modelled and then take like 3 years to get UVmapped and another 2 years for the texture.


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