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There is no way to tell which ship class the original mission designer intended.

Then you can use my Yet another Destiny of Peace Upgrade release instead which fixes some chronology errors  :)


--- Quote from: Goober5000 on September 09, 2018, 04:13:35 am ---There is no way to tell which ship class the original mission designer intended.

--- End quote ---

Perhaps it was intended to be interchangeable? Fenris cruisers were supposed to become Leviathans and vice versa via quick retrofits? It sounds weird, I know, but it may be an explanation to this inconsistency. After all, these ships used to look exactly the same.

On a side note, I'm playing through these campaigns after... ages. Tango was smooth, and I'm currently playing Destiny of Peace. Eagle Takes Flight results in a crash on startup due to a mainhall setting. 337 non critical warnings are reported by FSO as I run the Port with this mod, but no other issues so far.

Also:  :nervous:

Spoiler:Quarantined Arcadia installations before it was viral...

Digging out this one: Every time I try to install it via Knossos it says "fsport-mediavps" is missing, which is not. All of them (!) are installed.



As was mentioned on Discord, this may be because the project requires an old fsport-mediavps package (such as 'mainhalls') that isn't present in newer versions.  You could try installing the exact versions specified in the original release, or see if the original project uploader is around to fix the configuration.

Long-term, ngld is working on some features in the newer version of Knossos that should prevent this from being a problem.


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