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BETA RELEASE: Revenge Final Conflict

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all warnings errors gone
and its in engligh
no german
its fuly playeble
i hope you enjoy 88 missions long!Anh2Q9xPqybihOko7ko0qOXtmCk8jg
if there's bugs let me know
also new highlight
Eleven (11) years after the seond Great War, in the year 2378. the shivan threat again reaches a dangerous magnitude. But the Events take a dramatic turn for more than 30.000 people, revealing revolutionary events hidden way back in the past. You, Commander John Rendent, are one of them. This is the beginning of Revenge.
special thnks to bryan see who restored this campaign

Rogue Assassin04:
Can you please upload this to the Knossos Server? its hard to install when Knossos Launcher is installed. Thanks.

i cant it keeps givein error

Rogue Assassin04:

--- Quote from: woutersmits on February 19, 2018, 08:49:48 am ---i cant it keeps givein error

--- End quote ---

Then may i Upload it? i shall give it a try...

Rogue Assassin04:
There is no problems here to upload it.

it says that the ID revenge is already taken...


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