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Bryan See: The Derailing Part 3

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--- Quote from: QueenHolley on May 31, 2018, 05:39:24 pm ---*snip*

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Heh, I've been cheated! The video description promised me an hour of "WHAT"!!

Bryan See:
Queenholley, cosplay is very simple. Holley decides to cosplay Hester Shaw for some reason (maybe she's making a powerful statement to "big people"). She decides to create a costume like the one shown below...

And then she goes out in a fighter to meet a group of similar cosplayers, including a girl who cosplays Hester Shaw, and two boys cosplay Doom Slayer's Praetor Suit and a Sephiroth.

Then, hell is about to break loose, when sexist misogynists (the alt-right) appear and attack in groups. It is where the references to UGSF and SiN are thrown about.

It might sound like a mission outline... But... I agree that cosplay being used to make statements is okay.

why :(

Bryan See:
Cosplay itself is a political act, regardless of purpose.

Upon seeing that Holley is trying to stand up to big people with authoritarian streaks, the boys and men decide to silence her.

As for references to UGSF and SiN, the Unknown Intellectual Mechanized Species, SinTEK, Elexis Sinclaire, J.C. and John Blade are the ones that are going to be mentioned.

JAD hasn't been known to be "political" or something like that. It's being known for fun and humor. If you want something different, than go ahead and make your own campaign that involves cosplaying/SiN/#MeToo if you like that. Don't know, maybe there're people who like it, too? I wouldn't mind if you release something, though, even if it might be not my personal taste. :)

If you want these references to be included, finish this Shattered Stars you're working on, and if you make it good, you'll have a praised release with your own ideas with the references you want to include. Sounds good, or?

It just comes across so strange if you're posting all these things in the board of a campaign that's probably been completely mapped out, and make suggestions (that seem out of place) to someone (Axem) who has mastered all areas of modding to an EXTREME level.

Apart from that, I don't know since when disguising as, say, fairy, is an political act.


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