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What If: Another Great War
About this campaign:
To explain it short: What If: Another Great War is simply a remake of FreeSpace: The Great War, which was released by SF-Junky in 2008.
Anyone who is familiar with the FreeSpace series know about the several continuity issues between both games. What If not only try to address these issues and to reimagine FreeSpace: The Great War as the universe was shown in FreeSpace 2, it also considers the FreeSpace Reference Bible. Last but not least What If tries to explain the events of the Great War in a much more structured and coherent way.

At the same time What If: Another Great War works as a prequel to Storm Front Saga, which i will re-release sometime in the future again.
So the events that take place in What If are the Great War how it happened in the Storm Front universe.
The original campaign was released as a modification for the FreeSpace Port 3.0.4 and worked with FSO 3.6.10 builds and the 3.6.10 MediaVPs.
This remastered release is based upon my own Nova Update: FreeSpace Port release, which was made compatible with MediaVPs 4.3.X and FSO 19.0.0.

What is this about?
A fourteen year war between the Terrans and Vasudans leads into something far more sinister.

Sounds familiar? Then you are wrong. Because this time things are different... in a FreeSpace 2 way. This is the story of The Great War from the Storm Front Universe.

Classic Remastered Features
• Playtested and Bugfixed missions, that were also enhanced sometimes. - "Whoa, these guns were not there before."
• Medals. - "Can you get them all?"
• Individual HUDs for all three species. - "Do i look very shivan to you?"
• Proper use of Callsigns. - "You know, you do not have to call me 'Beta 1'."
• Updated Animations and Models. - "It is a beautiful sight, is not it?"
• Built-in Message Box. - "Need-to-know basis is everything. So shut up and maintain radio silence."
• Built-in ScreenCam. - "Take some pictures when you are out there."
• MediaVPs 4.3.X compatibility. - "Today are our routine checks."

• FSOpen Nightly from 01st August 2020 (or newer)
• MediaVPs 4.3.X


(other installation methods will follow after i sorted out some personal issues)

SF-Junky for the original campaign.
tcrayford for the english spellchecking.
Inferno: Alliance for the GVD Bastet.
Inferno: Nostos for the EAI Lycaon.
Terran-Vasudan War Project for the TCr Constellation.
Novachen for the TCr Constellation reskin.
Nyctaeus for the EAI Lycaon reskin.

2.2.6-Nova -> 2.2.7-Nova
• MediaVPs 4.3.X compatibility.
• Fixed a directive bug in "The Glass Demon".
• A wrong referenced special effect was fixed.
• Wrong referenced nameplates in "Avenging Angel" and "Big Bang" were fixed.
• Restored some sound effects that were deleted accidentally in the clean up of the last version.

2.2.5-Nova -> 2.2.6-Nova
• Fixed Mainhall descriptions.
• A new splash image.
• Deleted some unused files.

2.2.4-Nova -> 2.2.5-Nova
• Cleared up some misunderstandings, so this can be prepared for a rerelease.
• The "Classic Remastered" addition to the name was introduced for differentiation to the upcoming "Director's Cut" release by SF-Junky.
• Includes a modified "Nova Update: FreeSpace Port" release by Novachen, that was made compatible with MediaVPs 4.2.X.
• Small changes in some missions.
• Most of the missions were playtested again.

2.2.3-Nova -> 2.2.4-Nova
• A new textured GTCr Akula.
• A new textured GTI Lycaon by Nyctaeus.
• There was another bug in "Avenging Angel" that could make this mission unsolveable under specific conditions. Because i fixed them now, there is an additional debriefing stage aswell changed requirements for the Medal in this mission, which are intended to be closer to the original design of this mission.
• A spelling fix in "Hit and Run".

2.2.2-Nova -> 2.2.3-Nova
• Replaced the Bastet model which was based upon Inferno: Classic with a Bastet, that is based upon the previously unreleased better model from Inferno: Alliance.
• There was a bug in "Avenging Angel" that could make this mission unsolveable under specific conditions.
• A recommendation was added to "Hit and Run".
• In "La Ruota della Fortuna" one message got its right sender and another message was changed. Also there are some new events to make the Eva more dangerous. Aswell there were some coordinates changes for Eva and Malthusa due to the new and so bigger Bastet.
• Changed credits in "Endgame".

2.2.1-Nova -> 2.2.2-Nova
• Included a messages.tbl that is suitable for Text-to-Speech.
• Fixed a bug in "Cloak and Dagger" that caused, that the Concordia did not undock from the Nefaarud.
• The GTB Medusa is not available in "The Field of Battle"  anymore.
• Small corrections in "Avenging Angel" & "The Hammer and the Anvil".
• The Malthusa message-list is now properly working in "La Ruota della Fortuna".
• "The Great Hunt" can now be properly played as a single mission. A debris field around the Sol Jump Node was added, aswell i changed one communication message. Also the Prophecy will jump in with a damaged hull, now.

2.2.0 (Last Original release) -> 2.2.1-Nova
• Fixed many table errors.
• This mod is now compatible to MediaVPs 3.8.X.
• This mod is now based upon Nova Upgrade: FreeSpace Port and so use some of its enhancements like the Turret Flags, HUDs, Models and Message Box.
• Adapted ship explosion file.
• APNG version of the specific WhatIf-Anim was created.
• Deleted unused models and effects.
• Subtitles in all Cutscenes were recreated with more current SEXPs.
• Usage of Callsigns instead of a prefix in communication messages.
• In many missions the Callsign was used as Cargo. That was fixed.
• Changed IFFs are used as Alternative Names in many missions.
• Medals can be obtained during this campaign, now. But you can get only one of each.
• Fixed formatting in several CBriefs.
• Fixed invalid Team IDs in several missions.
• Deleted all unused ships and objects in "Eve of Destruction".
• "Paving the Way" is now more flexible. Wegaf will also going down after a specific amount of time. Also the Galatea will now only jump out after Wegaf 1 has docked or was destroyed. Support Ships are launching from the Galatea in this mission.
• The self-destruct sequence of the Cargo in "Pandora's Box" starts way earlier, because otherwise it was possible to scan it before the Cargo explodes. Also now the player can be attacked by the Shivans. And there will be an additional fighter wing, that jump in after the Mission Objective is complete to force the player to retreat even more.
• The Taranis in "First Strike" is able to use its Anti-Fighter beam, now.
• Introduced some Guardian Events for the Eva in "La Ruota Della Fortuna".
• Added Directives to "Tenderizer". Also the Jump Node now have its proper name. Support Ships are launching from Galatea only.
• The Charon in "Enter the Dragon" will no longer act as a support ship.
• Support ships are launching from the Galatea in "Doomsday". Aswell i introduced a scripted death event there.
• Deleted unused debriefing stages in "Exodus".
• Additional directives in "Last Hope". As well i fixed some events to prevent, that Alpha and Beta jump out too early.
• Additional directives in "Failure to Communicate".
• The Zenith in "Reaching the Zenith" is able to use its Anti-Fighter beam, now.
• The Initial Subtitles in "Running the Gauntlet" were reactivated.
• The Nebula in "Cloak and Dagger" now has the same color as in the original release.
• Aries will no more ignore the player if he was detected by the Shivans in "The Glass Demon".
• Yalta and Hyperion will now show up in the Escort List during "Clash of the Titans". Aswell i introduced a scripted death event there.
• Alpha and Beta will now stay in mission at the end of "The Great Hunt" to be properly carried over into the next mission.
• Proper Orders for Delta in "Good Luck". The Shivans are using their Subspace Textures there, too.

Ooooooooh.  Thanks Novachen! It's been ages since I played through the FS1 campaign in any form, and this might be just the ticket.


BTW did you change anything about the Bastet? I have a resmoothed version of it, and also a more PVN/Great War era version from INFA that I could hand to you (though I'd require a permission for the latter as it is still INF-private despite its low polyness).


--- Quote from: Nightmare on October 02, 2019, 07:17:59 pm --- :yes:

BTW did you change anything about the Bastet? I have a resmoothed version of it, and also a more PVN/Great War era version from INFA that I could hand to you (though I'd require a permission for the latter as it is still INF-private despite its low polyness).

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately not. It is the retaily brick one that is also used in Inferno: Classic, because no other one was released.
And in my search through ship lists i did not find any newer vasudan craft, that looks similar to it.

The same goes to the Constellation, even it looks much better as TWVP was much more recent.

This bastet:


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