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Coronavirus Outbreak

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Is humanity finally doomed? Discuss.

Scourge of Ages:
You know what goes good with coronavirus? Lyme disease.

How precisely does it kill, anyway? If it's from something treatable, like diarrhea/dehydration, then it shouldn't be too lethal in developed areas.

It's not really much worse than the flu. It's just that the world already has the flu. We don't need another one.

That said it's really weird cause I'm on holiday in Lijiang (China's number one tourist destination this time of year) and they've shut down the entire old town because of two cases.

So it's all show like with the pig flu and whatever SARS-comparissions are thrown about are just show because people forget that normal flu kills people too?

Not quite, SARS has made quite a number of fatalities in Spain for instance in the 80s.


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