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Photobucket disallowing "image hosting" for free accounts... lol byeeeee


Received email from Photobucket re: log in to verify account is active. Double checked site login page is legit (, logged in, got the following (attached):

--- Quote ---{g}hosting is not allowed.

We have detected that you are hosting images using a Free Account in violation of our terms of use.

Upgrade and store up to 25,000 photos with Unlimited Hosting for only $5 per month.

If you decide not to upgrade, you will need to immediately stop hosting images.
Pay $5 monthly
Pay $60 yearly
or manage your account.
--- End quote ---

Lol... I'm not attached to my images.  Guess this goes the way of tinypic.

[attachment deleted to save space]

This is old-ish news, I think. They stopped allowing image embeds in 2017 (?). Every now and then they send out these emails to try and convince users who've moved on to start paying. I'm sure it hasn't generated the revenue they hoped it would.

I got one of these emails earlier this year and finally just went in and completely deleted my Photobucket account.

Scourge of Ages:
If you had asked me this morning about Photobucket, I would have told you they went out of business like 10 years ago...

Tons of free alternate image hosting services are around... Since forever.

Well. Enjoy being eaten by the market... Alive(-ish).

Funnily enough I only know about Imagebucket because of the broken embeds :P


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