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EDIT: Can't find you.
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'yo my domestic skillets, who put swarm torpedoes on the Tev bombers?'


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I added you.


Thanks for the game.  :D
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I'm not that active in Steam, but I'm online now and then...
Habeeb it...


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cobra1125 here.

I also have an extra copy of Half Life 2 and Half Life: Episode 1.
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Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.

Accepting free copies from almost everything from anyone :P (Except HL2: Deathmatch). Will possibly pay you back when I get 18 :P

(Or, I could just use regular bank account transfer, which hasn't got that limitation...)
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add me! XD

Not the type to use such networks which is why I don't have anything there + I hardly use Steam these days (just reinstalled, out to try something :blah: ).
Inferno plz
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just joined. my steam id is emp_peng
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