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Q) So this mod is alive again?
A) Yes, yes it is. Very.

Q) What the hell is this mod about?
A) This mod follows the 158th Banshee squadron throughout their history, highlighting major events such as a war on not-yet-united Earth, to FS2 and beyond.

Shadows, the next act to be released, has some fiction revealing the story here

Q) Is that it?
A) That depends on how much fun you want to have while playing the game. :D

Q) Isn't Exposition already out?
A) Yes, but that is a terribly old and buggy version.

Q) And what about the other chapters?
A) They are in progress. Rather one of them is in progress and the others are in planning stages.

Q) What about multiplayer?
A) That's low on our list of priorities. But it's a possibility.

Q) Will the campaign be voice acted?
A) If time permits. We plan on making separate releases, one without voice acting and later one with. This way you guys have something to tinker with without the wait for the Voice Actors, and then we can keep working on the next act while things are being voice acted.

Q) I want to help out! Where do I sign up?
A) Here.

Q) I have a really cool idea/suggestion! What do I do?
A) By all means, start a thread about your idea.

Q) Will my computer be able to play it?
A) If and only if it can play FSO. And that was the last question.

Q) But I have more questions!
A) First of all, that wasn't a question, second of all, address them here.


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