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If you have questions to ask or just want to hang out, feel free to join us at #Diaspora on - We promise we won't bite... much.

Yay, first [deliberate] outside visitor to the irc channel!

May have to go and load up a good ole IRC client sometime.  Is mIRC still the king?  Or has everyone moved on to something else?  I remember using something named...maybe with an X?  Xenix or Xenos or something like that.

I've just been using chatzilla recently (it's a firefox plugin, but it creates its own window and doesn't need you to keep firefox running).

Some people don't like mIRC because its share/nagware or its interface. I use it and I think it does a good job. But there's tons of alternatives. Chatzilla, Trillian has an IRC plugin, HydraIRC, LeafChat, XChat. It all depends on what works for you. :)

Also make sure to visit other exciting FreeSpace channels on espernet like #hard-light!



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