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Everything I've seen so far looks promising, but ...

The bolitho flyby video is a .mov file, for quicktime. The last time I installed quicktime, it repeatedly nagged me to install lots of other Apple crap. I finally got sick of it, and uninstalled it, and in the process of "removing quicktime components" the uninstaller came up with a yes/no dialog telling me a file was protected (i think it was read-only or something, don't remember exactly) and asking whether I wanted to delete it anyway... that file was explorer.exe ...

Needless to say, I'm kind of not feeling like installing quicktime again.

Is there anything else that can open .mov files? Or, could the movie be uploaded on youtube (possibly using the new high-quality option), so people could stream it instead of having to download and obtain a player?

The plan is to use youtube or something similar in the future, the flyby is in mov format only because it happened to be the only version available when putting together the website.

And if you want to play quicktime movies without quicktime player:


YouTube version. :)

I'm really impressed with the engine effect.  Looks allot like the CGI from the show!  Really nicely done!

DaBrain really did us proud there. :yes:


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