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I heard from a former BtRL team member they all quit due to the general attitude of the team leader, which was not very..... charming ?

It Diaspora the result of this disagreement ?

btw... hello folks :)

Creative differences is the only explanation I'm willing to give for why the team broke up. I tend to feel that it is internal business and it would hurt both games to rake that stuff out in public as it would involve revealing details of plot lines, release plans,  etc.

I was following the plot of season 4 , looks everything came to a halt when the writers ceased to work.....
Damn. I want to know what happens next.


Where can I get my personal number-6-****ing-doll ?

Cylon Adult Shop?

Team Leader of BtrL is an idiot. I had the misfortune of talking to that *****, and it feels like time I'll never get back.

I'm surprised everyone managed to get out okay without being infected with AIDS or CANCER from that kind of a person.

What I want to know is how that kind of a person gets to the top of the chain in the first place. I mean, I know I'm an asshole and the head of BWO, and how it's hypocritical, but believe it or not I do have SOME (not many) redeeming qualities.

That person has none.



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