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Different Galactica Maps?


Having finally won my girlfriend over, I've been watching the whole show over again with her. I noticed that following Exodus part 2 (and even moreso The Passage), Galactica has scorch marks and patches all over its hull. So I'm curious. Are you guys gonna be using different maps on Galactica to reflect those changes?

Another question: Have you guys noticed the slight design changes in the raider and mk VII's started near the end of season 3? They're slight but noticeable. Just wondering if you were gonna use those as the basis for your models or the older versions instead.

Adding the scorch marks etc is as easy as making a second texture and using the FRED texture replacement feature to make sure the missions set after Exodus part II use it.

As for the model changes. It depends on whether we feel that they reflect an actual change in the ships or if they were simply a retcon by the CGI team.

I figured it'd be something like that. I just was curious if you guys were gonna go for it.

And apparently, it's a retcon. But there are shots where both designs exist. I'm sure whatever you guys do, it'll be good.

If there are shots of both then it's a really sloppy retcon or not a retcon at all. :p

Which is kind of the point I was making.


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